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If you are looking for a place to buy or repair your vehicles muffler come see us, we sell new mufflers or repair an existing one, plus we have a large variety of stainless steel tips and muffler tips. We also do custom exhaust for your trucks for your project car or truck.

If you have the check engine light on, we can check and see if its a catalytic converter is bad. We offer universal, direct fit catalytic converters for all types of vehicles


           GAS TANKS

Certainly the brakes are paramount in any vehicle, which is why we offer sales and repair for your vehicle brakes. Request an estimate, we can help you  keep your car in good condition. We also turn rotors and drums with our service.

In MM&RS we know that the radiator is an essential part of your automobile, if you have a problem with your car come with us to get any vehicle radiators, we repairs and clean all types of radiators ask for an estimate.We also repair and clean gas tanks.


Work all types of welding( steel, aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel). We repair and reinforce our  work with all the welding you need, we can help you, come visit us, our jobs are 100 % guaranteed and our fair prices.

If you have any problem with the muffler on your car, your radiator in your truck or need a welding job done, come visit us!
We do all kinds of welding, sales and repair on radiators and we have a wide range of mufflers and pipes for your vehicle.
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